My passion and vision is to recreate the material ‘battle’ that is between the man-made and the natural world. I intend to explore the transformation between them, and to test the internal essence of distinguishing their tension, dialogue and interaction.

I seek to explore artificial materials in order to ‘permeate’ natural materials or environment to gain a new experience in a visual and psychological way. I attempted to give the artificial an impression of life, which is then exposed with other visual feelings to create a new essence and new forms. Also, I want to capture a ‘second nature’, one that is brimming with artificial vigor and that can deliver a significant poetic interpretation.

I have a deep connection when using ordinary materials which carries and provokes a charge in my spirit - unexpressed thoughts and unspoken feelings. This whole process is mostly my way to approach freedom and happiness.

Also I integrate social action and protest into my practice to present my concepts; such as city expansion and the selling off local woodland and open countryside.